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Fucosterol 98%

Fucosterol: is the typical sterol of the brown algae. Its structure has been established by careful ozonolysis of sterol to acetaldehyde and 24 ketocholesterol. As a natural organic substance existing in the marine life, it has efficacies of anticancer, antibacterial and antivirus, etc.


1) Promote calcium absorption activity in small-intestine and uriniferous tubules, stimulate the circulation of organic salt in human bones, thus promote bone-muscle activity. Show strong hypocholesterolemic activity. This ability to reduce 'bad' plasma cholesterol levels and to increase serum lipolytic (fat burning) activity may explain their use in the prevention of atherosclerosis.
2) Fucosterol can be used as materials for the synthesis of hormones and drugs, like estrogen, androgen and hydrocortisone etc.
3) Anti-diabetes: a recent study showed that orally intake of Fucosterol, can caused an inhibition of blood glucose level and glycogen degradation.
4) Fucosterol can inhibit cholesterol absorption, thus lower the cholesterol in blood by 83%. It can be used to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.
5) Anti-inflammation, anti-ulcer, can effectively inhibit blood platelet aggregation.
6) Antioxidant function: The anti-oxidant activities of fucosterol isolated from the marine algae Pelvetia siliquosa were discovered in many scientific studies. It can effectively Inhibit free radicals induced diseases
7) Anti-cancer. It inhibits carcinogenic chemicals induced canceration. Recent research shows that fucosterol can induce the differentiation of cancer cells into normal cells, to inhibit the proliferation and carcinogenecity of the cancer cells.

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